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Are Silver Coins & Bars a Good Investment? – Patriots Coin

Are Silver Coins & Bars a Good Investment?

For thousands of years Silver has been used as money and in numerous manufacturing applications.  Today, silver is more important than ever for manufacturing, and it's also very popular as an investment.

 Is silver a good investment?

Silver is often considered as not being correlated to many other types of assets, meaning that very often it's value moves in the opposite direction of of other investments like equities, bonds or real estate. Many investors to invest in Silver during times of economic and/or geopolitical turbulence.  The same characteristics that make silver a useful and important diversification tool, may also help to smooth out volatility concerns for your overall portfolio.

In the long-run, silver may serve as a hedge against inflation. Depending on the current economic conditions, it could make for a good investment well worth considering.

Silver coins and bars are a physical asset that is not tied to the vague promises of any government or institution. It’s real, tangible! It’s an asset that can be traded easily, this appeals to many people who prefer to have some measure of independence from government currencies and the modern paper or digital financial systems.

While Silver is not as popular an investment as gold at the present time, it has many of the same characteristics as gold. Many investors think silver is more undervalued than gold.


Consider that the silver supply is tight, and mining operations are expensive. In fact, many large silver miners spend more to mine each ounce than the silver is currently worth!  That fact may indeed suggest that silver could be trading below it’s real or true value.  While it is impossible predict, it appears that Silver has a shiny future.


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